Dagmar Brenneisen



In 1967 born in Mannheim/Germany, German native speaker.


In 1996 Master's Degree in English, French and Spanish Studies (Linguistics and Literature) at the University of Mannheim/Germany.


From 1999 to present freelance translator and proofreader for different publishing houses and various clients in Germany and abroad.


From 1998 to 2010 lived and worked in England, the United States of America, Switzerland (Romandie) and France.


Since 2010 resident in Germany and Member of the VdÜ (Verband deutschsprachiger Übersetzer literarischer und wissenschaftlicher Werke e.V., "Federation of German speaking translators of literature and science").


In 2015 and 2016  Advanced training in professional subtitling and Adobe InDesign + Illustrator.


Working languages: German, French, English.



Languages have always fascinated me – the written as well as the spoken word.


I have spent many years living and working in both English and French speaking countries. As well as this, I have travelled extensively in many parts of the world, notably in Asia, Africa and South America.


My great fascination lies in the personal encounters and exchanges with people of different origins and cultures. My ability to speak different languages allows me access to these different worlds  – language acts as a bridge.


       Translating means building bridges!


Today I am able to use my language skills along with my foreign cultural experiences in my present work.
I combine linguistic fluency and accurateness with expressive
creativity and intuition.


Good translations require a precise understanding and sensitivity of the language I need to sense the correct German term for a specific foreign idea and convey all its different nuances. To do this, I play with diverse expressions and phrases and experiment with words and letters, "zooming" in and out of the dot on the i, until it finally "fits".