I translate literature from English and French into my native German language.


On demand, I create my translations directly in Adobe Indesign, working with the open files of the client. Thus I can take care of line breaks and adjust the text length so that the translation fits perfectly. This is very useful for non-fictive books or brochures with captions and many different text blocks. 


Non-fictive literature:
Books and guides specialised on travelling, art and culture, music, natural sciences, history, mysticism, women, health, gardening, automobiles, lifestyle, handycrafts and do-it-yourself, cooking, etc.


Fiction for young readers:
Novels, fairy tales, comics, fantasy adventure, stories for girls and boys, picture and activity books, etc.


Fiction for adults:
Novels, stories, thrillers, science fictions, etc.




My translation service also includes:
Brochures, catalogues, websites, academic papers, private and business correspondence, etc.

Rates depend on the level of difficulty, quantity and delivery deadline for the service required.
Please contact me by
e-mail or telephone for an individual, non-binding quote.