For Subtitling, we work as a team!


My colleague Christian Stadler and I are both very experienced translators. Even though we often work on different topics, we share our great enthusiasm for languages and for films.


Together, we create high quality Subtitles in German for films (cinema, television and DVD).


Our subtitles follow the official subtitling standards established by the German public-service television broastcasters. We provide:

  • German subtitles for English-speaking or French-speaking films

  • German Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing (SDH)

Our service includes:


We provide the transcription of the original English or French film, if there is no dialogue script. This is necessary for the translation and creation of the German subtitles.


We translate the original dialogues from English or French into German, according to the linguistic specifications and standards required for German subtitling.


We take care of the spotting of German subtitles and we export time-coded files. Our professional subtitling software EZTitles supports all common exporting formats.